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a presentation by:
gwyneth anne bronwynne jones
library media/technology specialist
MICCA 2003
"TAPPED IN is the online workplace of an international community of education professionals. K-12 teachers and librarians, professional development staff, teacher education faculty and students, and researchers engage in professional development programs and informal collaborative activities with colleagues. Guests are welcome, and membership is free."
2005 Update:
Tapped in has expanded and changed the format of their world. Some of the below links don't work, some of the graphics are outdated, but most of the info and techniques are still the same. In my free time (ha ha) I will update this site, and expand it. But you know, Tappedin is such an awesome place, just go there...sign up...and explore! ~gwyneth

Scavenger Hunt
To do this activity you can either be a member (takes 5 min to join for free) or you can go in as Guest. Tappedin works best on Internet Explorer. Open a new window with tappedin running and keep this window open for the activity. OR...print out a hard copy of this activity, follow the directionns and just have fun!

  • go to
  • to read about the vision of tapped in and how it can improve education and professional development go to About Tapped In .
  • Click on Calendar
  • choose your time zone
  • look for next event in your subject area, read the description
  • make a note of title and time of event here ______________________
  • Click on Member Login or Guest Login
  • Once in the Tappedin environment, go to the Reception area.
  • If someone greets you, say hi and that you are doing a TI scavenger hunt. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  • From the Reception Area go to the ASO or After School Online room. This room is where most of the scheduled discussions occur.
  • If you should miss a discussion, no worries! You can get a full transcript... word for word, url for url at the Transcript Emailer.
  • Click on the Transcript Emailer. The Transcript Emailer has transcripts of discussions going back several years! Choose a year/month and then topic. Click on it. If you are a member you will immediately get the message that a transcript has been sent to your registered email address.
  • List the Transcript you chose here ______________
  • Most every room has a whiteboard where notes can be left. Check whiteboards for secret scavenger hunt messages. Leave a message or greeting on the board.
  • Click Out of the ASO and go back to reception.
  • From Reception go to ED's Oasis - Main Library.
  • Look at all the resources! Write down (or cut and paste) one resource you think will be helpful to you._________________________________________________
  • Visit the Oasis Cafe This is where informal meetings can be held. Also, private rooms are available for conferences.
  • Visit my Virtual Bog by going to S2913 (hint: use the Elevator! 29th floor -South Wing - Office 2913) Leave a message for me on my whiteboard!
  • For extra fun you can also go to the TI Web Tour
  • Ok...are ya a comfortable now with TI? Cool! Want to try even more fun things while in TI? Try the TI treasure hunt! Even more challenging than this lil excercise...!! But it's  a blast!

Tappedin  Links

Examples of Basic Text Commands 

 "This short guide gives a few simple examples of common commands, along with comments on how and when to use them. See the help guides for more information, or contact us if you need help.
Also, check out our comprehensive help guide. (EXCELLENT! very visual, lots of screen captures! -gj)
Click on the link at the top of that guide for a pdf file that you can print out.

Resource Links

"The Teacher's Guild is a professional, non-political community established to "maintain standards and protect the interests of its members." The primary purpose of the ED's Oasis Teachers' Guild is to foster professional development through an informal "apprenticeship" model. Our focus is on the use of the Internet in curriculum-based student-centered activities. "

Click above for my Media Resources Backflip folder: lots of cool links, lesson plans,
professional develpment resources, tutorials and more!
BTW: Backflip is THE BEST way to save, store and share all of your important Internet links
yes, they have one annoying banner ad per page..but you have to pay for it somehow...(it's free!)
... join now, i say...join! (and no, they don't pay me to say that! i wish!)

THE BEST search engine on the net (IMHO!)
everything you need...reliable, fast, and an awesome image search feature..don't forget NEWS either! my TV studio kids use it everyday! ok... i'm a fan...obviously....but it just rocks!

a very cool new meta search results in a visual web format like Inspiration but you must have FLASH installed to use it. see example below, click for a larger image.

another good search engine that clusters the results

Contact information and eMail

if you have any questions, comments or suggestions...feel free to contact me!
or click below to view my electonic portfolio where you can access my CV, all of my academic web pages, online lesson plans, tutorials and digital image gallery. thanks for visiting!