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Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones, Instructor
Library Media/Technology Specialist
- what they are, where to find them, and how to use them
effectively in the media center or classroom

forget the java and the html! create really cool web pages with netscape composer
- A no-nonsense, easy to follow tutorial that will help you create your own web pages using Netscape Composer.
Features a lot of screen captures and graphics so that you can be on the "net" in a jiffy!

Helpful sites for Web Design:

Visit the Easy Web Design Examples page for
FREE backgrounds, pictures and animated gifs!

HCPSS WebSite - SiteMap
Curriculum Links -  subject area resources

MPT/PBS Resources:
  • MPT ThinkPort "is a resource for Maryland educators, families, and communities from Maryland Public Television and Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education.."
  • DC-101 - Digital Camera Basics, Buying and Use in the Classroom

  • Doing Backflips Over Google for Yahooligans - tips & tricks to get the most out of these favorite websites

  • Internet Integration: a Jump Start - Topics covered: Internet tutorials and primers, browsers and ISP's, netiquette, how to search not surf, the best search engines, bookmarks/favorites, email, WebQuests, teacher resources and sites.

  • Technology Toolbox - Another great site created by MPT staff! "MPT¹s Technology Toolbox takes teachers through the many adventures of Internet-based projects. This collection of websites, resources, and lesson ideas helps teachers harness the Internet and bring it into their classrooms to transform each school day. There are tips and strategies for integrating everything from online collaboration projects to Web research and Web authoring tools. Links to Internet investigations, online simulations, and virtual field trips are all housed in the toolbox. Teachers ready to unleash the power of the Internet as a learning tool will find everything they need here." Go here, and bookmark it, quick!
  • PBS Teacherline An Online professional development opportunity for K-16 teachers focusing on technology integration.
  • PBS TeacherSource: Copyright  -a reference guide for educators who videotape programming from PBS television. For quick access, the information is divided into the following sections: copyright law and fair use, PBS and extended taping rights, educational multimedia, FAQ's, further resources and sample videotape label.
  • PBS TechKnow - Do you think you have the Techknow to judge a television show, or earn your first web license? Check out this interactive site!
  • Are You Net Savvy? a Directed Internet Task - Topics include: Netiquette (with quiz), Net Safety (earn the Internet Driver's License), Net Privacy (call to get your own free bookcover!) Source Evaluation, Misleading Banner Ads and Links.
  • Get More from the Web -This page chock full of great links to assist the educator in getting more from the web! Constructed by tech guru Doug Fireside, this page is nicely made, frankly and amusingly annotated, and easily navigated. Some of the links are duplicates of the ones on this page, but there is a lot of really great information there.
  • The HyperPowered Curriculum -page was designed for those teachers who use Hyper-Studio and other slide show/presentation software in their classrooms. You can find clip art, scoring rubrics and all sorts of other goodies here. Created by Amado "Sonny" Narvaez, Media Specialist,  Montgomery County Public Schools.

  • Professional Development Resources:

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