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an Integrated Internet task adapted and designed by:
Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones
Library Media/Technology Specialist
Brian Donoughe
7th Grade Math
Murray Hill Middle School
Howard County, Maryland

This Web Page follows the Expedition to Egypt Worksheet: Printable Version.
Fill in the answers on your worksheet using the directions and links below.
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The media center is setting up an exhibit on ancient Egypt, but the budget is limited.
They have asked you to go to the Discovery Store and website and put together an exhibit for only $400.
1. From the Discovery Channel Store link above choose three sets of videos for the media center's collection. Write the title and price of each on the space provided on your worksheet. Hint: check the PAC or display and make sure we donít own it already!
2. Use front-end estimation to estimate the total costs of the video sets. _______________
3. Estimate to the nearest dollar instead. About how much do the video sets cost? _______________
4. Add all prices to figure out the actual cost of the video sets. _______________
5. In your own words: which type of estimation was the most accurate? Why?

6. Now select two items to decorate the entrance to the exhibit. Write the name and price of each item.

7. Use the most accurate type of estimation to predict the total cost of these two items. _________

8. Add all prices to find the actual cost. ______________


9. The media center would like to purchase a statue of King Tut hunting on the Nile river.

To see the item go to:
King Tut Hunting Sculpture
The listed price is:________________
Is $400 enough to buy the video sets and decorations that you chose and the statue? _______________
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The Media Center would also really like to get a Rosetta Stone replica wall plaque, but have found two sources.
Check the links below, compare the prices, and decide which would be less expensive.
What does the symbol £ stand for? _________________
What country uses this symbol? _________________
Fill in the blank with information from the site above:
Why was the Rosetta Stone important?
It was an important because it was a breakthrough in the ____________ of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
The only trick is one of the items is listed in pounds and the other, dollars.
Use the currency converter to figure out how much the statue would cost in US dollars.
£__________________ converts to ________________in US dollars
Which item is less expensive to buy? (disregarding shipping costs!)
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Check out the cool sites below for more currency and money practice!
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artisan = one trained in a specific skill or craft
Egyptian = a native or inhabitant of Egypt
flax = a plant that blooms, often used for its fiber and seeds
Nile River = the world's longest river, found in Africa
pharaoh = a ruler of ancient Egypt
scribe = a highly valued member of Egyptian society who was educated and could read and write
sheath = a close-fitting dress

An Expedition to Egypt Rubric

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Media Center Display
This is the display in our Media Center, not all of our statues and figurines have arrived yet. And as the the books/videos that the students have selected are purchased, cataloged and added to our collection and our display.. it just keeps getting better! See the close-up of the super-cool lighted pyramid head sculpture- the kids really dig the optical illusion!
- keep checking for an up to date picture!

Click above for larger images of each of the photos

Teacher Resources
Adapted from the website: An Expedition to Egypt


       Students will use an Internet site to pick out items related to ancient Egypt.
       Students will estimate sums using front-end estimation and by estimating to the nearest dollar.
       Students will solve problems by adding money amounts and by practicing to stay within a budget.


       An Expedition to Egypt worksheet


    1.Introduce key vocabulary: Egyptian, front-end estimation.
    2.Using the An Expedition to Egypt worksheet as a guide, students will use the Discovery Store to select items for an
       exhibit on ancient Egypt.
    3.Remind students that they must stay within their budget.
    4.Ask students to complete the worksheet using estimation skills and the information they find on the Internet site.
    5.Students may complete the worksheet in pairs or small groups.
    6.Schedule class time for students to share their calculations.


       Use a rubric to assess students' ability to obtain data from a website and solve consumer math problems.
       Find a variety of assessment techniques to use with this lesson.

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Extension Activities

Standards Correlations

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Students should:

       develop and use strategies to estimate computations involving decimals in situations relevant to students' experience.
       select appropriate methods and tools for computing according to the context and nature of the computation and use
       the selected method or tool.

National Educational Technology Standards
Students should:

       use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information.
       employ technology in the development of strategies for solving problems in the real world.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please feel free to email me! Gwyneth Jones

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