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Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones
Library Media/Technology Specialist
 Howard County Public Schools
Digital cameras have been around (affordably) for about 6 years now. I got my first one in 1998 through a MICCA grant to study the long term effects of erosion and the soil around my newly constructed school as recorded photographically day by day. The digital camera was perfect for that and the kids loved working with it!
Today, it has revolutionized how we use and adapt images in the classroom and the school environment. Before digital cameras, we had to use expensive and poor quality Polaroid pictures for that "instant gratification" of having a picture right away. Now we can take a picture, see it, show it, and print it almost as fast as that Polaroid took to develop.
In this web page you will get links to digital camera basics and tutorials, links to buying guides, usage tips, conversion hints, and creative uses of digital cameras for EnviroHealth projects in the classroom.

Digital Camera Basics:
Buying Guides and Reviews:
  • Digital Photography Review - Where you'll find all the "latest in digital photography and imaging news, reviews of the latest digital cameras and accessories, the most active discussion forums, a large selection of sample images, a digital camera buyers guide, side-by-side comparisons and the most comprehensive database of digital camera features and specifications."
  • Digital Cameras Side-by-Side - Choose and compare cameras by make and model, then read specifications of each side-by-side to determine which camera has the features you most desire.
  • Buying Guide: Features Search - The Digital Camera Comparison Engine is a "powerful way to isolate and compare digital cameras which fall into your buying criteria, simply choose the features which are most important to you from the selection below then click on Compare to see the results."
  • Digital Cameras Review - an excellent site that gives buyers a chance to read "reviews, information, and recommendations that will help you save money on your next digital camera."

Usage Tips:

Image Conversions:
  • Adobe Elements - replacement program for the longtime (and lamented) classroom and lab favorite Adobe PhotoDeluxe, less expensive than the uber-program Adobe PhotoShop.
General Classroom  Use Ideas:
  • Tools for the TEKS: Integrating Technology in the Classrom - Digital Photos Online by Wesley A. Fryer - this article is a *must read!* Excellent!!
  • Classroom Application for the Digital Camera- an *excellent* list of applications for use in the classroom. To see all 50 go to the link get a taste check out the top 20:
  • Once taken, the pictures can be:
    • shown on a classroom color monitor,
    • transferred to video tape
    • digitized for printing, or
    • used as clipart in many graphic or hypermedia software programs.
    1. Create a photo journal of field trips which can be transferred to video tape or digitized.
    2. Class newsletter illustrations.
    3. Photos for greeting cards.
    4. Photos for žvalengrams.Ó
    5. Photos of vocabulary items for speech and ESOL ? allows for individualization.
    6. Bulletin board photo journal of classroom activities.
    7. Create a video scrapbook of studentŪs year:  art, handwriting, portrait photos, etc.
    8. Create a personal or classroom alphabet with pictures.
    9. Use pictures for concept illustration (art, math, science).
    10. Make an art catalogue of student work for Open House or parent review.
    11. Social studies: illustrate family units, family traditions/heirlooms.
    12. Create an žAbout the AuthorÓ section of student writing books.  Edit the digital image with programs such as Microsoft Photo Editor or Paint Shop Pro.  Then paste picture and word process information about the žauthorÓ.
    13. Use the digital camera to create a series of still shots on a video tape.  Then dub sound over the video to create a presentation on classroom activities to use for Open House, video penpals, etc.
    14. Take still pictures of technology activities to combine with video tape and VCR Companion for school board presentations.
    15. Use the camera to create a video yearbook.
    16. Take pictures of students and include their digitized faces on worksheets and tests.
    17. Take pictures of new students in school and put them on the building TV network or digitize and print their picture for posting on welcome board.
    18. Take pictures of staff to digitize and post or display on TV.
    19. Take pictures of animals, pets, and people then tape and use as a tool for video reports on the VCR or to supplement oral reports.
    20. Use pictures for reports and presentations such as žA day in the life of÷Ó students or teachers.
  • Click!  Using a Digital Camera in the Elementary Classroom - a bit young but a good list of ideas that can be adapted to any age
  • Kodak Presents K-12 Lesson Plans with Digital Cameras, by Grade and Subject -Exemplary  uses of digital photography, an excellent resource!
  • 1001 Uses for a Digital Camera in the Classroom - by Categories and Subject -Lesson plans using digital photography)
  • Digital Cameras in Education by Keith Lightbody - a thorough, no-nonsense page by an ICT Guru in Australia.
  • What to Do With a Digital Camera -Curricular uses of digital photography

Creative Uses of  Digital Cameras for EnviroHealth Projects in the Classroom

  • Connections ELC Resources: Within the EnviroHealthConnections ELC open the Environmental Health Resources folder and look for Environmental Health Resources by Topic to get brainstorming ideas how to creatively use the digital camera for EnviroHealth Projects in the classroom.
  • Thinkport's EnviroHealth Connections Homepage - EnviroHealth Connections "is a 7 year partnership of Maryland Public Television and the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, which empowers teachers and their students to explore the relationships between the environment and human health. The environmental health sciences bring relevance and meaning into the curriculum and involve students in active engagement in real-life and inquiry-based topics and tasks, in problem-solving, in critical thinking, and in the gathering and analyzing of data. This encourages students to lead and inspire others (fellow students, families, and communities) to address these important issues and topics."

  • Free Digital Images is the largest collection of free photographs for private non-commercial use on the Internet
  • Oswego Public School System Free Photo Archive - an excellent resource!
  •   -  the latest and greatest  and inexpensive way to post and share digital images online! Features one click uploads of hundred of images, quick captions and image corrections and manipulations. See my personal site above (click on the smugmug image) for digital photo gallery examples (and get a discount code to save you $) or see the site I created for my school the MHMS smugmug site. The kids get such a kick when they can see pictures of events the same day and share them with their parents in the evening. Way cool!

  • Image Search- the absolutely BEST search engine for images on the net! (or anything IMHO!) just make sure you get permission first before you use any pic on a web page... but if it's for general classroom use or for a lesson plan- it's all good.

Contact & Email
for more information/questions/extra links or ideas feel free to contact
Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones

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