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Links to mr. Rosenstein's visual organizers
Unit I Vocabulary words and definitions
Review for Our Earth Unit Test
Answers to the in-class scav. hunt.
Blank Outline map of the 2nd Quarter Region: Northern Africa and the Middle East (Southwest Asia)
General Rubric for Social Studies Essays
Directions to Cooperative Learning Activity
Rubric to Cooperative Learning Activity
Study Guide for Culture Quiz
Anticipation Guide and Assignment
Directions for the Egyptian illustrated daily life journal.
Study Guide for Sub-Saharan Africa
Rubric for travel brochure project
Study guide for N. Africa and the Middle East Unit
Blank Outline Map of Africa
Clues to Classroom Activity on Physical Features and Countries
Clues to Classroom Activity on Physical Features
Study guide for Asia Unit
Our Earth Vocabulary Words
Sub-Saharan Africa Scav Hunt Clues
Clues to the Sub-Saharan Africa scav. hunt.
Peer Editing Form for Social Studies Essays